Sports Performance Nutrition Counseling

Did you know that nutrition is typically the missing link to optimizing athletic potential? Knowing how to properly fuel and refuel your body is essential to maximizing your sports performance. Don’t wait. Get an edge on the competition and schedule a sports performance nutrition session today.

Many athletes do not understand the impact of proper nutrition on athletic performance and health. Nutrition is a key ingredient to optimizing athletic performance. Properly fueling and refueling the body is essential to reaching an individual’s full athletic potential. Food selection and quantity as well as meal timing affect body composition, athletic performance, and health. Yet, athletes tend to have limited knowledge of nutrition. Surveys on nutrition knowledge demonstrate that athletes have many misconceptions about the role of nutrition and performance.

Why should I work with Katie Jeffrey? Working with Katie you will optimize your athletic performance and recovery by:

1. Learning how to properly fuel your body before, during and after training and competition.

2. Developing a realistic, attainable meal plan.

3. Creating individualized goals that fit your sport specific training, unique needs, lifestyle, and food preferences.

Working together as a team you will learn how to properly fuel your body which will lead to:

1. Optimal performance. Your speed, strength, power and stamina will be at its best.

2. Improved academic performance, mood, and decision-making.

3. Optimal body composition.

4. Postponed fatigue and enhanced energy levels during exercise and all day long.

5. Better and faster recovery.

6. Minimized soreness and inflammation

7. Reduced injury risk and improved return-to-play time after injury or surgery.

8. Enhanced immunity.

9. Ability to excel at sports for many years.

Sports Performance Nutrition

Think. Fuel. Excel. TM

Are you an athlete looking to optimize your athletic performance? Or, are you an active individual who would like more energy and stamina when working out? Nutrition is typically the missing link to reaching your full athletic potential. Properly fueling and refueling your body is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

As an athlete, I am sure you have read, heard or discussed what, when, and how much you should eat. We are constantly inundated with the latest research, fad diet or myth about what we should be eating and drinking to achieve greater endurance, build stronger muscles, attain a better body composition and the list goes on and on. But, what is the right amount and what should you be eating and drinking to maximize your athletic performance?

By applying Katie’s simply message of Think. Fuel. Excel. TM to how you fuel your body you can maximize your energy and reach your full athletic potential.

Think. Why do I eat?

The first step to reaching your full athletic potential is to be aware of the reasons why you eat. Thinking about why you eat will help you eat mindfully and make conscious decisions about how you fuel your body.

Fuel. What foods and drinks do I consume to fuel my body for performance?

The type and quality of fuel you choose affects your athletic performance. Selecting nutrient-rich foods and beverages leads to optimal sports performance.

When do I fuel my body?

Nutrient timing is essential for maximal energy, strength, speed, stamina, fluid balance and ideal body composition.

Excel. How do mindful eating, nutrient-timing and sport performance nutrition knowledge optimize my athletic performance?

Practicing mindful eating and nutrient timing are vital for optimal athletic performance. Both will result in maximal energy, strength, speed, stamina, fluid balance and ideal body composition.

Combining mindful eating with nutrient-timing and accurate performance nutrition knowledge will enable you to improve your physical condition for optimal performance in your pre- and post-workouts, competitions or daily active life.

Think. Fuel. Excel. TM

What does a typical Sports Performance Nutrition Counseling Session include?

Sessions may vary based upon your personal athletic goals.

Initial sports nutrition session typically includes:

o Medical health history

o Supplement/medication review and recommendations

o Food and beverage analysis

o Examination of current lifestyle and food preferences

o Determination of energy and macronutrient requirements for optimal performance

o Review of the essential nutrients that affect athletic performance and also which many athletes are consuming inadequate amounts of

o Recommendations for how to consume appropriate intakes of essential nutrients from whole foods and beverages for optimal health and athletic performance

o A review of the foods and beverages that provide carbohydrates, protein and fat

Follow-up sessions include a review of the prior session, an evaluation of recent lifestyle changes, a discussion of how to accomplish any goals not yet achieved as well as relevant, cutting edge sports performance nutrition information.

All sessions are personalized to meet your specific needs and optimize your sports performance.

Topics that may be covered include:

o How to build balanced, nutrient-rich meals and snacks.

o Meal timing for peak athletic performance and training.

o Performance enhancing meal and snack suggestions.

o What to look for on food labels.

o How to properly fuel your body before, during and after training and competition.

o The importance of hydration and how to ensure that you are meeting your hydration needs.

o Fluid suggestions for peak performance.

o Alcohol education (when appropriate).

o Food and beverage suggestions for traveling.

o Restaurant recommendations.

o How to increase your antioxidant intake to reduce inflammation and decrease your recovery time.

o The benefits of a plant-based meal plan

o Supplements and performance enhancing aids:

  • Are they right for me?
  • Are they safe?
  • Recommendations and scientifically-based information.

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