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Did you know that nutrition is typically the missing link to optimizing athletic potential?


Knowing how to properly fuel & refuel the body is essential to maximizing sports performance.


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I am a licensed and registered dietitian-nutritionist and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) with an M.S. in Nutritional Sciences. I specialize in sport performance nutrition counseling and am honored to be the sports dietitian for Providence College athletes in Providence, Rhode Island. I am also excited to be working with Tom Allen, sports psychologist, to offer an empowering workshop series called EXCEL that provides scientifically based practical ways to fully optimize athletic performance by learning how to properly fuel one’s body and manage the psychological demands of athletics.

I enjoy giving hands-on, scientifically-based and educational presentations. I have given numerous sports performance nutrition presentations on a variety of sports related topics to school-aged children, collegiate athletes, coaches, active individuals and competitive athletes.

I draw upon my own experience as a high school athlete when I participated in field hockey, softball, track, road races, and basketball as well as my experiences as a Division I field hockey player, a competitive runner and triathlete.

Many athletes do not understand the impact of proper nutrition on athletic performance and health. Nutrition is a key ingredient to optimizing athletic performance. Properly fueling and refueling the body is essential to reaching an individual’s full athletic potential. Food selection and quantity as well as meal timing affect body composition, athletic performance, and health. Yet, athletes tend to have limited knowledge of nutrition. Surveys on nutrition knowledge demonstrate that athletes have many misconceptions about the role of nutrition and performance.

Properly fueling the body will lead to:

1. Optimal performance – speed, strength, power and stamina will be at its best.

2. Improved academic performance, mood, and decision-making.

3. Optimal body composition.

4. Postponed fatigue and enhanced energy levels during exercise and all day long.

5. Better and faster recovery.

6. Minimized soreness and inflammation

7. Reduced injury risk and improved return-to-play time after injury or surgery.

8. Enhanced immunity.

9. Ability to excel at sports for many years. years.

Presentations are between 45 minutes and one hour in length.

All presentations include a hands-on portion, informational hand-outs and a question and answer period.

Performance Nutrition Topics:
1. How to Properly Fuel Your Body for Optimal Sports Performance: Learn how nutrition impacts athletic potential and the foods and beverages that will optimize sports performance. This presentation provides more detailed information about how carbohydrates, protein and fats support athletic performance.
2. How to Build a Balanced Meals for Optimal Athletic Performance: Athletes will learn how to build balanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners for optimal sports performance. Then athletes will go to the cafeteria to build their own nutrient-rich balanced meal. The benefits of breakfast will also be discussed. The hands-on portion of this workshop will be followed by a discussion and question and answer segment.
3. Pre, During and Post Exercise Fueling to Optimize Performance: A general overview of what, when and how much to eat before, during and after training and competition to maximize athletic potential. Meal and snack suggestions will be covered.
4. Pre-Exercise Fueling for Optimal Performance & Energy: A more detailed look at how to properly fuel and hydrate prior to workouts/competition. Athletes will calculate their specific carbohydrate and protein needs as well as develop meal and snack plans for pre-exercise fueling based on their particular schedules.
5. During-Exercise Fueling for Optimal Performance & Recovery: A thorough review of how to properly fuel and hydrate the body during workouts/competition. Athletes will determine their specific carbohydrate and hydration needs. Snack and beverage suggestions will be provided.
6. Post-Exercise Fueling for Optimal Performance & Recovery: A more in depth explanation of how to properly fuel after workouts/competition. Athletes will calculate their specific carbohydrate and protein needs as well as develop meal and snack plans for post-exercise fueling. Hydration needs will briefly be covered.
7. Stay Hydrated to Train and Compete Your Best: Learn how hydration status affects sports performance. Athletes will learn how to determine if they are drinking enough for optimal training and competing. Strategies to help ensure athletes are adequately drinking will also be discussed.
8. Super Foods for Super Athletes: Learn the foods that have been scientifically proven to be “super” foods for athletes based on how they affect performance from reducing inflammation to increasing stamina and energy to optimizing muscle growth and repair. Suggestions for how to incorporate them into a daily eating plan will be discussed.
9. How to Properly Fuel Your Body when Traveling: Eating on the road can be a challenge. Learn how to properly fuel your body when traveling.
10. Alcohol: There is NO Benefit for the Athlete: This hands-on presentation covers how alcohol negatively affects the athlete’s body and the myriad adverse consequences that alcohol consumption has on athletic performance.
11. What to Look for on Food Labels to Enhance Your Athletic Performance: This hands-on workshop will provide easy-to-use tips on how to select foods that will optimize your body’s ability to train, compete and recover.
12. Grocery Shopping Guidelines for Champions: Athletes will learn how to purchase foods that will support their athletic performance. The following topics will be discussed: pantry and cooking essentials, the importance of making a grocery shopping list, the 411 on meal planning, how to shop on a food budget, and fast and easy meal suggestions.
13. Vitamins, Minerals & Sport Performance: How much do athletes really need? Scientifically-based information on the vitamins and minerals that are essential for an athlete’s performance and health. Athletes will learn how to ensure they are consuming adequate amounts of these important nutrients.
14. Supplements & Performance Enhancing Aids: Do they really work? Scientifically-based information on the vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal sports performance, the performance enhancing aids that truly benefit athletic performance and the pros and cons of taking supplements will be discussed.
15. Fuel Your Body Right for a Speedy Recovery: Athletes will learn what nutrients are essential for healing after a sports related injury and how to enjoy the foods rich in these important nutrients in order to reduce their time on the sidelines.
16. How to Enjoy a Plant-Based Meal Plan for Optimal Athletic Performance: Athletes will learn the benefits of enjoying a plant-based meal plan and how to ensure they are receiving adequate nutrients that are essential to their athletic performance and health.
17. Performance Nutrition for Coaches: What you need to know to optimize your athletes’ performance. Help your athletes reach their full athletic potential: learn why nutrition is essential for optimizing an athlete’s athletic performance. Information and strategies regarding food and beverage selection, meal/snack timing, fluid requirements, and eating on the road will be discussed.

Prices: Email me for additional information.

What clients are saying about Katie’s presentations:

Febuary19, 2013: How to Optimize Your Health and Energy presentation

Katie, I wanted to thank you again for taking time to educate our agency on the importance on healthy lifestyle choices. The hallways have been buzzing with positive comments and lessons learned from the healthy inspiration you provided to so many people.

You are a fabulous speaker and well versed in nutrition. I’m so glad you do what you do, because you do it so well!

All the best, Steph

January 30, 2013: How to Properly Fuel Your Body for Optimal Sports Performance:

Hi Katie,

Thank you for meeting with our team. Without question you can see the girls really trying to eat for success. Also we are providing sports drinks during practice and I feel that it is having a positive impact even though the girls have not mentioned anything about it so no news is good news in this case I feel.

Thank you again for making time for us twice and really having an impact on all of us.

Sincerely yours,


Bob Deraney

Head Coach

Providence College

Women’s Ice Hockey

2012: After working with Katie individually, Mari wrote:

We just finished our season yesterday and it went great. We won a Big East match against Villanova and that had not happened since 2001. I also set a school record of winning more matches as number one in a season.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help throughout the semester! I did not have a single cramp and last semester I cramped like almost every match. Your help was great and I could not have done it without you and your ideas. Thanks again.


Mari (collegiate tennis player, 2012)