Nutrition Presentations

2014-02-04 14.04.39 Healthy Heart Presentation:
March 26, 2015. Click here for more information. 

I offer motivating and educational nutrition presentations to help individuals discard the myths surrounding nutrition and fad dieting and adopt healthy, practical eating and lifestyle behaviors to enhance overall health, wellness and fitness for life.

Suggested Topics:

• How to optimize your health and energy

• Eat to maximize your brain power

• Heart health

• Increase your vitality with natural antioxidants

• How to stop dieting and begin living

• How to Read Food Labels 101

• Grocery Shopping Guidelines

• The Healthy Dietary Fats: What are they and what should you eat?

• Cholesterol and Dietary Fat: What is the Connection?

• Dining Out Dynamics

• Smart Holiday Eating: Tips for maintaining your weight during the holiday season

• Clever Cooking and Baking: Learn how to make-over your favorite recipes without compromising taste

• Sports nutrition for the active individual: Tips for optimizing your athletic performance

• The Importance of Healthy Eating for Kids

• Nutrient-Rich School Lunches and Snacks for Kids

• Easy-to-Prepare Tasty & Nutritious Snacks for Kids and Parents

• How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

All presentations include a 10 minute question and answer period.

I am willing to customize presentations to match the client’s unique interests.

Please contact me (Katie Jeffrey) for additional information.