• Nutrition Consulting

    Nutrition Consulting

    I work with college athletic departments and sports organizations to create and/or optimize training tables for athletes. I also offer nutrition consulting services to daycare centers, schools, colleges and businesses… Read more →

  • Workshops


    I love working closely with workshop participants to help them reach their optimal health &/or athletic performance. Workshops offer support to participants from both myself and group members who have… Read more →

  • Nutrition Presentations

    Nutrition Presentations

    As a registered dietitian-nutritionist, I am passionate about helping you sift fact from fiction. I offer hands-on, scientifically-based, educational presentations on a variety of nutrition and sports performance nutrition topics.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    As an athlete, I learned first-hand how properly fueling and refueling the body leads to optimal performance. My name is Katie Jeffrey and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who… Read more →

  • Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating

    Do you know someone who is dieting?  Do you know someone who struggles with food, exercise and weight?  If so, I can help. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who… Read more →