• Nutrition Consulting

    Nutrition Consulting

    I work with college athletic departments and sports organizations to create and/or optimize training tables for athletes. I also offer nutrition consulting services to daycare centers, schools, colleges and businesses… Read more →

  • Workshops


    I love working closely with workshop participants to help them reach their optimal health &/or athletic performance. Workshops offer support to participants from both myself and group members who have… Read more →

  • Nutrition Presentations

    Nutrition Presentations

    As a registered dietitian-nutritionist, I am passionate about helping you sift fact from fiction. I offer hands-on, scientifically-based, educational presentations on a variety of nutrition and sports performance nutrition topics.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    As an athlete, I learned first-hand how properly fueling and refueling the body leads to optimal performance. My name is Katie Jeffrey and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who… Read more →

  • Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating

    Do you know someone who is dieting?  Do you know someone who struggles with food, exercise and weight?  If so, I can help. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who… Read more →

Cream of Vegetable Soup

Cream of Vegetable Soup

This is a nutritious and flavorful soup that is great right from the stove, or reheated the next day for either lunch or dinner. It also freezes well for a… Read more →

Diet soda or regular soda?

Diet soda or regular soda?

Which is better diet soda or regular soda? Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center (2005) found that an individual’s risk for becoming overweight or obese was associated… Read more →

Moist Carrot Muffins

Moist Carrot Muffins

Kids love these moist, sweet muffins. Prep time: 25 minutes Bake: 400°F for 20 minutes Makes: 12 muffins Storage: Store in air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 5… Read more →

Sweet Broccoli and Carrot Salad

Sweet Broccoli and Carrot Salad

This is a great salad to bring to picnics and parties. The sweet fruit goes well with the crunchy mild flavored broccoli, subtle sweetness of the crisp carrots and the… Read more →